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Hat Trick Lounge
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This Weekend!

Friday, June 22: Lowertown Jazz Festival
No Limits, the B-Side Band

Saturday, June 23: Lowertown Jazz Festival
Southside Aces


Open Stage every Wednesday:

Open stage is back. Every Wednesday, St. Paul. veteran jammer and show host, Connor Allen cranks up the stage.  Be there!




Hat Trick Schedule:


June - 2018 Summer of Love series

Friday, June 22: Lowertown Jazz Festival - No Limits, the B-Side Band

Saturday, June 23: Lowertown Jazz Festival - Southside Aces

Friday, June 29: Luke LeBlanc

Saturday, June 30: Two Peace Suite w/ Alfred and Friends


Upcoming Shows!

The Hat Trick Lounge will host only sporatic shows during summer; July and August. Go to a BBQ, the lake cabin, camping, the State Fair.  Stop in for a drink any time. There are summer shows though and we can host your party.  A full schedule of shows begin again in September.

Heatwave Shows!

Friday, July 13: Cookie, RTF, Baloon Race

Saturday, July 14: Ain't no Jok

Saturday, July 21: Inside Straights - Lowertown Blues Festival

Sarurday. October 13: Eskimo Brothers (From Nashville)

Saturday, November 17: Gordon Lightfoot Tribute - 80th Birthday



Saturday, September 1: 

Friday, September 7: Imaginary Numbers

Saturday, September 8: Coffle Cabal: An accoustic evening of lies, logarrhea and labeorphily featuring:

William Nelson (Ghost Wagon)

Brian Vanferwerf (Elaganza!, Chooglin')

Richard Morgan (The Cicibeos)

Friday, September 14: Rhinoshrine

Saturday, September 15: Cookie, RTF, Baloon Race

Friday, September 21: 29 Fingers

Saturday, September 22: 32 Headshots

Friday, September 28: 

Saturday, September 29: Innertoil

The sound of St. Paul...

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